Up on the House Top – 150th anniversary in 2014

The Golden Inn recently hosted Pam & Jim Allen, who were visiting the area doing research on Benjamin Hanby.  The Allens’s are a veritable wealth of knowledge on Hanby and were kind enough to leave some information with Lea Ann. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the writing of the song “Up on the House Top” in New Paris.  My feeling has always been that the song is the best calling card New Paris has.  Mentioning the song to guests passing through the area with some time available results, more times than not, in them driving into New Paris to eat at a restaurant and maybe look around.

For more information on the Hanby House in Westerville, Ohio, you can access the website at http://www.hanbyhouse.org .  The Hanby House is managed by the Westerville Historical Society and their website is: http://www.westervillehistory.org

Here are a couple of links to the brochures they left with us:



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