New Paris Council – December 8, 2014 meeting on MARCS Radios

This is a Special Meeting of the New Paris Council on the MARCS radio system which is also a county issue as there maybe a 1.5 mill levy on the ballot next year to pay for a new dispatch center. I don’t usually watch & listen to the New Paris Council videos as I don’t live in the village and as a result have no vote.   The next question is probably; then why in the heck are you doing them?  Well almost four years ago the Preble County Economic Development Director addressed the Village Council and I had a very real interest in comparing statements made from one entity to another.  I called the village offices and asked if they recorded the meeting and was told they do. I thought it would be an audio cd like the county commission but after popping it into the computer it came up as a DVD video.  I put it online (after adjusting the low audio volume) and found out that the village clerk could hear my video better than the original. As a result it took less time for her to create the minutes approved by council. I have been doing it ever since. It being New Paris I better state that I don’t get paid to do so; it is my time and $1 for the DVD.

The meeting was held December 8, to address the MARCS radio system and the expected $44,000 expense to the village to upgrade in order to keep up to date with the county system.  It is worth a listen & view as the council members reluctantly went along and part of the reluctance was that they apparently just upgraded their radios two years ago.  New Paris is a small village with limited financial resources and it is not the only village in the county that could be described that way.

I am also concerned by the level of misunderstanding, under the gun pressure and in-the-dark feeling this community appears to have been put in under short notice.  I listen to the county commission audio and there just flat out needs to be a better sharing and understanding communicated by county officials of what are essentially countywide issues.  

Watch the video and it is clear that these council members are not happy campers about the expense, communication on the issue and the possibility of their village officers being on their own if they don’t update the radios.  

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